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Karen Owen Fuck List-Duke Grad Sent Out a PPT- Uncensored The stories included lots of drinking, lots of extremely aggressive Duke atetes, and lots of humiliating details about the less impressive encounters. Karen Owen is the brunette on the left. A 2010 Duke graduate named Karen Owen sent her "unofficial senior thesis" as a PowerPoint file titled "An education.

The Cruelty of the Hook-Up Culture — The John William Pope. Karen Owen has been the topic of conversation in the Duke University community for her racy thesis in which she details her experiences with the university's atetes. A steady drumbeat of scandal—from the 2006 Duke lacrosse rape case to Karen Owen's 2010 “thesis” on the bedroom exploits of her.

The-Infamous-Sex-Thesis - Google Slides - Google Docs Flanagan hugely overgeneralizes complicated issues related to sex, feminism, alcohol, and Duke's rather diseased-seeming campus culture, and shoves aside the story's nuances to help promote her own agenda. Karen F. Owen. ​. Senior Honors Thesis. Duke University. ​. Submitted to the Department of Late-Nht Entertainment. in partial fulfillment of the requirements.

Karen Owen Duke student's sex 'powerpoint presentation' goes viral. Some her a “slut”, and others her the “sororsitute feminist” who finally broke the glass ceiling. A Duke University student, Karen Owen, has become an internet hit after. year-old graduate produced the unofficial “senior honours thesis” on.

History News Network Duke historian Peter Sal draws fire for. Many think of having "friends with benefits" as something that kids do in college, but Indiana University researcher Dr. A history professor at Duke University has attracted criticism from bloggers for. with Joelyn Olcott and Sally Deutsch on historicizing the Karen Owen affair. Ms. Owen is the Duke student who crafted a faux thesis on her sex.

Duke University Graduate Karen Owen's Pens Thesis on Sex Life. (CBS) What do young women today really think about sex? If Internet users were grading Duke University graduate Karen Owen's thesis on her active sex life, she'd likely get an 'A' for attention to detail.

Duke Winces as a Private Joke Slips Out of Control - The New York. In mid-September 2010, during Homecoming weekend, one of these friends decided to forward it onward, and the document went viral. The thesis, written as a 42-page Power Point presentation, went viral. The woman in question, Karen Owen, 22, who graduated this year from.

The Missing Feminist Perspective on Karen Owen – Develle Dish Jonathan Zimmerman, a professor of history and education at New York University. There has been a lot of talk about Karen Owen's Senior Thesis. Some her a “slut”, and others her the “sororsitute feminist” who finally.

Karen Owen's Duke Sex-Rating PowerPoint Goes Viral VIDEO. – College kids, take note: In today's world, nothing is private. Karen F. Owen, a 2010 Duke grad, composed an in-depth, thesis-like document titled “An Education Beyond The Classroom Excelling In The.

Karen Owen List What Does Mock Duke Thesis Say about Female. In recent years, Duke University has developed a reputation for debauchery. Does Duke Graduate's List of Men She Slept Reflect New Attitude about Sex?

The Privacy Landmine That is Duke Graduate Karen Owen's 'Senior. The 2010 Duke University faux sex thesis controversy arose from a private 42 page Powerpoint document written by a Duke University senior, Karen Owen, in the format of a thesis about her sexual experiences during her time attending the university. Karen Owen, a 2010 graduate, kept detailed notes on her sexual. According to Jezebel, Owen sent the “unofficial senior thesis” titled “An.

Karen owen News, Video and Gossip - Jezebel I thought that it was a very sloppy piece of work, overall. Karen Owen told the Duke Chronicle that "she did not watch the episode and is. We're well-versed in Karen Owen's 42-page PowerPoint thesis regarding her.

Karen Owen From Duke Photo? - UADDit Debby Herbenick tells CBS News that she was surprised to find that such a large number of people over 30 had their last sexual experience with a buddy. Karen Owen has been the topic of conversation in the Duke University community for her racy thesis in which she details her experiences with.

What Caitlin Flanagan got wrong about Karen Owen and sex - The. <br><br> Overall, the study found that 13 percent of men and 11 percent of women aged 19-59 said their last sexual encounter was with a friend. Caitlin Flanagan's piece in The Atlantic about Karen Owen, the. of men at Duke — many of them atetes — and wrote a very detailed "thesis".

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