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DFSORT Beyond Sorting - The output file will contain the unique employee numbers sorted in ascending order. INREC OVERLAY operation is used in order to rewrite data in input file before copying to output. HDR and TRL are added as identifiers to header/trailer, which is user defined and can be customised as per the users' needs. Conditional Processing //JSTEP010 EXEC PGM=SORT //SORTIN DD * data1select data2 data3select /* //SORTOUT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSOUT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSIN DD * INREC IFTHEN=(WHEN=(6,1, CH, NE, C' '), BUILD=(1:1,15), IFTHEN=(WHEN=(6,1, CH, EQ, C' '), BUILD=(1:1,5,7: C'EMPTY ') OPTION COPY /* Based on the 6th position of the file, the BUILD of output file varies. <u>DFSORT</u> Beyond Sorting -
For papers, online books, news, tips, examples and more, visit the DFSORT home. ICETOOL, a versatile data set processing and reporting utility, provides an.

IBM DFSORT ICETOOL Papers and Examples - United States If 6th position is SPACES, then text "EMPTY" is appended to input record. IBM <strong>DFSORT</strong> ICETOOL Papers and Examples - United States
RACFICE used DFSORT's ICETOOL to create a set of 30+ reports based on the output. RMMEX1 - DFSMSrmm Example 1 SMF audit report.

Sample DFSORT Statistics Report from SMF 16 and 30 Records I have written a JCL SORT that will sort/reformat various fields and print them to a new output file as in the code below. And I need to non-matching records from FILE1 and FILE2 into FILE 3 as well as I want to write matching records also ... I need to select files by size because whichever is go to one program or another. Sample <i>DFSORT</i> Statistics <i>Report</i> from SMF 16 and 30 Records
The sample SMF report below was created with Spectrum SMF Writer, the low-cost 4GL SMF report writer. In this report, we want to show DFSORT statistics.

Report Writing Format //JSTEP020 EXEC PGM=ICETOOL //TOOLMSG DD SYSOUT=* //DFSMSG DD SYSOUT=* //IN1 DD DSN=MYDATA. STOPAFT, DISP=SHR //OUT1 DD SYSOUT=* //TOOLIN DD * COPY FROM(IN1) TO(OUT1) USING(CTL1) /* //CTL1CNTL DD * OPTION STOPAFT=10 /* The option STOPAFT will stop reading the input file after 10th record and terminates the program. In the above example, employee number is in the field position 1,15. In the input file, the content in position 1,6 is overwritten to the position 47,6 and then copied to the output file. //JSTEP010 EXEC PGM=SORT //SORTIN DD * data1 data2 data3 /* //SORTOUT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSOUT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSIN DD * OPTION COPY BUILD=(1:1,5,10: SEQNUM,4, ZD, START=1000, INCR=2) /* //JSTEP010 EXEC PGM=SORT //SORTIN DD * data1 data2 data3 /* //SORTOUT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSOUT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSIN DD * SORT FIELDS=COPY OUTFIL REMOVECC, HEADER1=(1: C'HDR',10: X'020110131C'), TRAILER1=(1: C'TRL', TOT=(10,9, PD, TO=PD, LENGTH=9)) /* TOT calculates the number of records in the input file. SYSUT1, SPACE=(CYL,(50,1), RLSE) //STEP010 EXEC PGM=SORT //MAIN DD * 1000 1001 1003 1005 //LOOKUP DD * 1000 1002 1003 //MATCH DD DSN=MYDATA. <u>Report</u> <u>Writing</u> Format
It would be best to write this last so you will include everything, even the points that mht be added at the last. This report writing format will.

Mainframe - Compare two files and write it to "match" and "nomatch. But also, i want the header3 to be displayed for after each 55 lines. Header3 is displayed for whenever the sectioned break is happen. Mainframe - Compare two files and write it to
If there is no match then write to no match file. Is it possible to do it in. DFSORT and SyncSort are the predominant Mainframe sorting products.

DFSMS DFSORT The ICETOOL Cometh - Getting Started Using. I use DFSORT and if you want to change the LRECL you need to specify other things, like what to put in the extra bytes. DFSMS <em>DFSORT</em> The ICETOOL Cometh - Getting Started Using.
ICETOOL uses the capabilities of DFSORT. Creates all data used in examples. RMMEX1 - DFSMSrmm Example 1 SMF audit report.

JCL BEYOND DFSORT - SlideShare DFSORT uses ANSI carriage control characters to control page ejects and the placement of the lines in your report, according to your specifications.n specifies the number of lines per page. However, n--or the default for n if LINES is not specified--must be greater than or equal to the number of lines needed for each of the following: The HEADER1 lines The TRAILER1 lines Thanks for your reply. JCL BEYOND <u>DFSORT</u> - SlideShare
Simple, tailored or sectioned reports can be produced. Other ICETOOL examples can befound in DFSORT Application Programming Guide.

Report Writing SsYouNeed Is there any date format that displays the month name ? SORT FIELDS=COPY OUTFIL HEADER1=(52:'BDCN999A - PRODUCT CODE 114138'), HEADER2=(1: DATE=(DM4-), 51:'PRODUCED BY BRANCH SYSTEMS - MIS', 110:'PAGE ', PAGE,/, 1:'----------------------------------------', 41:'----------------------------------------', 81:'---------------------------------------', 120:'-------------',/, 1:'BRANCH', 17:'TILL', 31:'RECEIPT', 49:'PRODUCT', 67:'PLANNING', 86:'EMP', 110:'QTY', 126:'PRICE',/, 67:'', 86:'NO',/, 1:'----------------------------------------', 41:'----------------------------------------', 81:'---------------------------------------', 120:'-------------'), TRAILER1(1:'END OF REPORT'), OUTREC=(1:1,4,17:5,2,31:7,4,,6,,4, ,10,1,3, PD, M0, LENGTH=4, 1,4, PD, EDIT=(IIT. With INREC, you can use DATE=(DM4-) to put the dd-mm-yyyy date at the end of the record and convert the mm to 'mon' with CHANGE. Q1: The input file record format is FB and the LRECL is 110. <em>Report</em> <em>Writing</em> SsYouNeed
This page aims to disentangle some of these elements, and provide you with some advice desned to help you to write a good report. Report Writing

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